Volunteers Needed

Volunteer where you can and make a difference.

Open Volunteering Position

Without volunteers we would not be an effective organization that can continue to advocate for our students not only locally but statewide and nationally.  


You are the unsung heroes that give the teachers an extra set of hands when theirs are full, that helps raise funds when extra is needed for student enrichment, that make sure students are getting through the crosswalk safely and sometimes just by you being there helps the kids to know just how important they are.

Volunteer for Council PTA

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GISD values all volunteers and the work they do to help our schools. For the safety of all students, GISD requires potential volunteers who will work at any campus receive a background check by the Department of Public Safety (DPS), which is done through GISD's online application. Click link above to fill out form.

Texas PTA Training Videos

Texas PTA requires all Local and Council board members to complete FOUNDATIONS Essentials training once in their PTA career. Position-spefic BASICS training must be completed each year PTA leaders hold an executive board position. All training can be found online at txpta.org/courses.