Angel Memberships are a great way to get community members and local businesses involved in our PTAs.  These memberships allow you to invest in multiple PTAs.  Maybe they are the schools you attended as a student or they are schools around your business that you want to support.  For more details and to become an angel

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GISD Council PTA Memberships


​The PTA Leader tasked with recruiting members plays an important role in the success of the PTA because a growing and engaged membership is the lifeblood of any PTA, and is the foundation of achieving our mission to make every child's potential a reality.


Your guide to everything you wanted to and need to know about PTA Memberships is located here.  This page will give you a copy of your Membership Roster, instructions on how to submit memberships and what to do once you have your members.


​Every summer our Texas PTA President issues a challenge to each district.  This year our goal is to reach  28,000 members district wide.  That is just a little under half of our total student population. 

Every child, one voice.

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Your council and the Texas PTA loves to recognize all the hard work you put into getting memberships.  There are monthly goals that can be met for membership submission along with special awards for specific types of memberships.  For a complete list click here.